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You can feel free to contact SANWA through any available communication source.
E-mail communication may be the easiest and cheapest.
If you need immediate / timely communication, telephone would be the best choice.
With our cell phone number +81-902-923-2424, you can talk free if you are registered with What'sApp or Viber.
Otherwise, if you have questions about particular cars in our stock, you can contact us through our website directly.
Following are all our contact information.

Cell phone: ***Free Talk if you call through What'sApp or Viber!!
Office: +81-52-445-0231
Fax: +81-52-445-0017

SANWA SERVICE CO.,LTD. is a certified member of JUMVEA (Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association).

SANWA is real professional automobile supplier with background and network of new and used car supply both in Japan and overseas, having more than 10 showrooms in Japan and one in Sri Lanka.
We have good reputation and achievements in domestic sales in Japan where the high level of quality standard is required by the Government.
This is the proof of our real high quality service that many of other car exporters cannot do.
You'll taste real Japanese standard in your country!

1. Wide business network

We cover cars of all categories while we provide top luxuary cars such as FERRARI and LAMBO, prestige domestic
models of LEXUS, comfortablefamilly cars an compact, tough SUVs and commercial vans and trucks.
We are ready to satisfy all customers demands with our wide range of business network and experience.

2. Strict Quality control attitude

Nowadays, all exporters talk about QUALITY while some are actually shipping rubbish cars.
An thus the word QUALITY may sound almost meaningless.
The question is WHAT PARTICULARY WE DO to supply high quality cars.

Most importantly, SANWA is buying cars which are INSPECTED BY OURSELVES AT AUCTIONS.
Do you think this is ordeinary things that all car suppliers are doing?

UNFORTUNATELY, it is NOT. Many car exporters are buying cars from auction website without checking them.
Some of them even ship their cars without seeing them by themselves…

Some others may say they have maintenance garage to repair anything. But I don't think this is enough.
Even a professinal chef at big hotels cannot cook anything proper with rotten vegetables and meat.
A car with structual defect cannot be always repaired 100% good even with good service facility.

SANWA select what to buy ourselves because this is the way to keep our Wuality Standard.

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