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Step-1. Select your car on our website
Step-2. Order / Inquire through car specification page and get your invoice
Step-3. You pay for your order through your bank (Telegraphic Transfer)
Step-4. SANWA arranges the earliest shpment to deliver your car
Step-5. you receive shipping documents and clear the car from Cutoms…to drive it!!
**Please check more info on How To Buy

You can Order your target car from our website easily.
From the car list, you proceed to car specification page by clicking the stock number on the list.
In the car spec page, under the price information, you'll find ORDER / INVOICE button.
By clicking this, you'll be requested to put your order information such as name and address.
For documentation and further communication, you are rquired to put your name / country /port / E-mail address at least.
After submitting these informaiton, you'll receive ON-LINE INVOICE and SANWA sales team will contact you to instruct the next step.

In short, these are the total prices of importing a car.
C : Car Cost
F : Shipping Freight
I : Marine Insurance
C&F is the total price including delivery cost. And CIF is the total including Delivery and Insurance.
You can select whichever yo like.

Normal marine insurance covers only the loss and damages of vessel sinking, fire, or loss of cargo.
And its coverage area is from the departure port until offloading port.

This extra insurance we prepare covers also theft and the coverage area is until the car pick up point of the arrival port yard. This is going to be a good protection especially at the port where the security is not fully satisfied.

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