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How to Buy

Easy Steps for ON-LINE shopping

STEP-1. Find your Target Car

Check our web stock list and find your best choice!

What if you cannot find the car you are looking for…?

Please mail to and we can find a car for you thorugh our purchase network.


From the car specification page of website, you can ORDER the car and get the Proforma Invoice instantly! You click the ORDER button and fill the on-line order form. All you need is your name, delivery address, contact phone number and E-mail address!

Still need to consider before making decision…?

If you need some more information about the car before making decision, click INQURY button and contact our sales team. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and requests!

STEP-3. Check the Invoice and proceed to payment

You receive the Proforma Invoice by E-mail instantly. You check the Invoice and proceed to payment now. You are expected to pay for your order by Telegraphic Transfer from your bank. All necessary information for payment is there on the invoice. And thus all you have to do is to bring the invoice to your bank.

Worried to pay for internet shopping…?

That’s quite understandable.
If that’s the case, you can use Escrow Service of JUMVEA(Japan Used Motor Vehicles Exporters Association).
SANWA is a registered member of JUMVEA and thus the customers can use JUMVEA SAFE TRADE service.
By using this service, JUMVEA will secure your money as a Third party until SANWA actually ship your car.
For more information JUMVEA.

STEP-4. Shipment

Once the payment is confirmed, SANWA book the earliest available cargo vessel for quick shipment. For smooth and quick arrangement, you are expected to send us copy of TT by e-mail once the bank transfer be completed. Shipping documents will be sent to you by air courier service.

STEP-5. Customs Clearance

Once you receive your shipping documents, you do some paper works on your side for Customs Clearance. C&F (Clearing and Forwarding) agents in your country will assist you clearing your car.

Which C&F agents to work with…?

If you don’t know any agents to work with, SANWA can introduce you our logistic partners in your region!


Enjoy driving your car safely and nicely!

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