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Find your Car by yourself from Auctions in Japan!!!

SANWA AUCTION SERVICE for Bangladesh customers available now in Dhaka!!
Get your ID at NR JAPAN showroom at Progati Sharoni and select your car by yourself out of thousands of choices available every day!!
Buying from Auction provides you these advantages...

+ Choose whichever color you like!
+ Select your target mileage!
+ Car condition visible on Auction Sheets!
+ Japanese adviser assists you checking car info!
+ Fresh Good car shipped directly from Japan!!
......and many more!

Phone : 017 3290 6865
Viber / What'sApp : +81 902 923 2424
Masao Kuwabara (Japanese) / SANWA SERVICE CO.,LTD for NR JAPAN BD in Dhaka

WHY buying from AUCTION?

1. Wide range of choices!!
SANWA has access to all car auctions in Japan.
More than 80,000 cars available per week!

2. You can get exactly what you want!!
Body colour, Mileage, accessories...
You can get WHAT YOU LIKE!

3. Reasonable Price!!
You set your target price by yourself!

Why buying from SANWA?

SANWA JAPAN CARS is in Business partnership with
NR JAPAN BD - reputable car dealer in Dhaka.
Therefore, you can enjoy much of Bangladesh base services...

Technical support by Experienced staffs
Experienced staffs will support you finding Good Car!

Payment solution
No need of L/C arrangements. You can pay in Bangladesh Taka!

Bank Loans available!
We assist you applying for car loan!

WHERE to find us : SANWA + NR JAPAN BD


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